5 Quick & Ultimate Tips For Buying A Paramotor Kit

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You will come across a number of options when looking for your new Paramotor kit, and the choice can be over whelming especially when it’s your first Paramotor kit.

Here are 5 quick and ultimate tips for buying a Paramotor kit.


What should be the essentials in your Paramotor kit?

Once you complete your training and research, you must look for a kit that has all the basic essentials. Your basic essentials will include an ear protection, a helmet, a motor that is appropriate for your build and weight, a frame design that is line with your needs, a glider, and a chassis. This will depend on how you are going to transport the motor, and whether or not you will need it to be compact and small. The build and weight matter especially when you are a beginner, and a little less when you are an able pilot with polished techniques.


How to choose an engine when buying a Paramotor?

A majority of the pilots choose a 2-stroke engine because it is the most cost-effective and the power to weight ratio of this engine is the best. Those who prefer to travel quiet and over long distances sometimes go for a 4-stroke engine, but these engines are heavier than the 2-stroke ones. A 4-stroke engine is more expensive as well, as compared to the 2-stroke counterparts. Some additional factors that are worth considering when choosing an engine are, an electric starter and belt reduction drives, but the power to weight ratio and whether it’s 2-stroke or 4-stroke are still the decision makers.


How to choose a glider when buying a Paramotor?

You can always choose to buy a second-hand glider as older ones can still fly perfectly. However, in doing so, you might end up missing out on the latest technology. Technological advancement is not something you can ignore in this case, and you will definitely be able to tell the difference between the old and the new. New gliders that are coming out every day are lighter than the old ones, making them easier to launch and handle.

Your choice of glider also depends on your ability as a pilot. You will find glider belonging to the beginner, intermediate and advanced category, and it is advised that you choose accordingly. Apart from that, the glider should also be from the right weight range. If the pilot is too heavy for the glider, then the aircraft will be more dynamic when flying, which will ultimately need more ability to handle on the pilot’s part.


Is there a relationship between safety and speed?

When it comes to the glider, you will have to sacrifice safety to get speed. That is one tradeoff which you will have to make. When your glider gets fast and high-performing, the safety net does come off a bit, and that is a risk that you should be willing to take. The ability of the pilot does count in this case, but the risk still persists.


What non-essentials to choose when buying a Paramotor?

The most popular non-essentials that you can include in your Paramotor kit are, something to enable communication, something that will let you listen to music, like a Bluetooth headset, and something to record your experience or take pictures.

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