October 11, 2017
Best Quality Paramotor for Sale

2 Paramotor Trikes sold to the National Security Guard (NSG)

The National Security Guard (NSG) purchased 2 Paramotor kits from Flyboy Aviation recently. This included 2 Xenit Plus Thor 250 machines, along with ITV Bulldog paraglider, and communication helmets. We have the number of quality Paramotor for Sale. The purchased paramotor kit includes 2 Xenit Plus Thor 250 machines, along with ITV Bulldog paraglider, and communication helmets. For 5 ultimate tips on purchasing your very own paramotor kit, click here […]
October 10, 2017
Flyboy Aviation - Powered Paragliding in Delhi NCR.

125 Differently-Abled Participants Fly High on Paramotor, with Flyboy – Udaan’17!

125 differently-abled participants took the seven-minute paramotor joyride at the Golf venue in Forest Hill Golf Club, Chandigarh. At this first event for paramotoring in India for the differently-abled, the participants have made fond memories, and each of them now has one more exciting story to share for their lifetime. Among the participants, there were some who had no movement in the body neck-down and were just as enthusiastic about their […]
October 6, 2017
Top 7 adventure sports, destinations, places in India.

Top 7 Adventure Sports & Destinations in India

Here we have the top 7 adventure sports & destinations in India. The vastness and variety of terrains in India make it a hot spot for various adventure activities & sports, with the potential to make all the adrenaline-seekers out there fall in love with adventure all over again! There are numerous adventure activities practiced here, which makes it vital to make a list of the top 7 adventure sports, […]
September 22, 2017
Adventure Trip Near Delhi

8 Reasons Why You Should Love Adventure Travel

Adventure trip near Delhi holds a different meaning for everyone. For some jumping off a plan or diving off a cliff may be adventurous, while for some, taking a trip to a new place may be adventurous. Whatever the choice of activity is, people are becoming more aware of the reasons why you should love adventure travel, with its proven benefits towards health & fitness, both physical and mental. Adventure […]